Friday, September 28, 2012

How to avoid estimated bill from TNB

Kindly to inform you, TNB introduced a Self Meter Reading (SMR) Programme for consumer who getting estimated bills frequently.
Self Meter Reading is a way whereby customer is allowed to read his/her own electricity meter and customers who receive estimated electricity bills frequently or disagree with estimated meter readings. This option is open for domestic Ordinary Power Customers (OPC) to read the meter for three (3) consecutive months only andFor the consequent fourth month, the meter reading shall be conducted by TNB and this cycle continues.
1. For customers frequently not available in the house for meter reading by TNB.
2. Customers will get the actual reading every month.
3. Able to manage own monthly consumption.
How to apply:
Fill up the Application Form , which is also available at the nearest TNB Customer Service Centre; with a copy of Identification Card.
Submit the completed application to one of the following: 

  • Fax to OSEC at 1300-88-5454
  • Email to 
  • TNB Customer Service Centre (where your account is)
  • Notification for Meter Reading.
    TNB will notify the customers via SMS 15454 or email. Customers need to submit the reading within 3 days after notification from TNB.
    For more enquiries , can call 1300-88-5454.

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