Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Bluetooth module for old multimedia speaker

This is about how to adding Bluetooth feature to your old multimedia speaker.

Old phone charger with 5v output.

This AC-DC converter

Connect the phone charger board to 220AC on the speaker board

USB Bluetooth module

Connect the 5v output to Bluetooth USB input (pin 1(+) and pin 4 (-).

Connect the Bluetooth Aux out to speaker Aux input, above is Edifier R202 board.

Manually iron the AC input to phone charger board

Wrap the high voltage circuit for safely!!

Glue the charger board to panel

Glue the Bluetooth beside the charger board

Bluetooth speaker!!

Note: your speaker aux will not function properly because the bluetooth module will draw the power from it, if you want have both work you need extra switch to switch between Aux or bluetooth.

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